More about Reset This PC on Windows 10 and Windows 8 Computers

You have an option Reset this PC included in the Windows systems in order to restore the computer to its default configuration. Indeed, this approach is been considered as quick yet convenient instead of reinstalling the OS from the scratch or installation media.

In Windows 8 systems, you actually got two different options, namely- Refresh your PC and Reset your PC. The refresh option keeps the files and personalized settings, however, the reset option will remove all the files.

Nevertheless, in Windows 10 systems you have only one option i.e., Reset your PC. Here you will have to make a choice whether you want to keep your personal folders or not. Despite that you opt to keep your personal files/folders, all the programs and settings will be wiped. In addition to this, resetting the Windows computer will help you to recover from problems caused due to unreliable third-party programs, system corruptions, malware threats and other issues.


This is how the reset operation on Windows work – Initially the Wind0ws PC boots in a Windows Recovery Environment (RE) – The Windows RE then formats and erases the system partition prior installing a fresh copy of Windows – The computer then starts with installing a fresh copy of Windows.

Ways to reset

Within Windows

GO to the Settings app and navigate through Update and Security -> Recovery. Under Reset this PC option, press on Getting it started option. You can then choose to keep your files or remove them.

From the Windows Boot menu

If it is the case that you are not able to boot the PC normally then you can reset the computer from the boot menu. You can simply click over Troubleshoot -> Reset this PC

Get Windows without a bloatware

You can get a fresh copy of Windows 10 system in a simple way without any bloatware. Go to the Settings app -> Update and Security -> Recovery screen. The Give your PC a fresh start option simply downloads the fresh copy of OS from the Microsoft.