Retrieve Photos from SD Memory Card

Remo Card Recovery software easily recovers pictures from SD card without any complexity.  The tool supports data restoration from various types of memory cards like SD cards, XD cards, CF cards, microSD cards, MMC cards, memory sticks etc. Further, it is useful for restoring audios, videos, RAW images such as ORF, CR2, NEF, KDC, K25, CR2, and DNG from popular camcorders in a quicker manner. Besides, the application can also bring back images of various types like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. The tools will not only retrieve pictures from corrupt SD card but also from formatted hard drive and you can save them to desired location.

The application is having in-built algorithms that will allow recovery of pictures on the basis on name, date, size and file type. The media files can be recovered with the help of find option that will locate a particular file on the basis of date, extension, and size and file name. Demo version assists in evaluating the performance of the utility before you opt for purchasing. Preview option can also be used to view the recovered files easily. With the assistance of this option you cannot save the recovered files. The recovered data can be stored on CD/DVD easily. All you need is 50 MB of free disk space is required for installing software. Technical assistance is provided round the clock by email and live chats. Though recovery can be achieved without any difficulty, it is always recommended to take precautions.

Measures that should be followed:

  • Whenever you are connecting your SD card to your system / laptop make use of Safe Removal Option
  • If you have lost pictures from your SD card then stop using your SD card because it may cause overwriting of files
  • Avoid using the same SD card onto different devices
  • It is always advisable to take backup of your important files onto other storage devices to avoid data loss situations

Supported SD cards brands includes SanDisk, Toshiba, WD,  Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Lexar, Samsung, PQI, Panasonic and many more

Other features of Remo Recover Tool

  • Save Recovery Session helps in saving the scanning time after installing full version of the software and easy solution to your query regarding can i recover photos from SD card
  • The application can bring back images of various types like JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc. The tools will not only retrieve media files from SD card but also from hard drives, pen drives, etc. thus saving them to desired location
  • All those files can be compressed into ZIP archives in order to save disk space. The recovered files can also be viewed in File type view that helps in recovering data on the basis of your file extension and Data view which allows you to view the recovered data in hierarchical format
  • The software is that it will be useful for recovering files which bypass the Windows Recycle Bin when the size of the files is exceeded. In addition to this, the media files which are deleted using the combination of Shift Delete can be recovered within few minutes

Just go through the factors causing loss / deletion

Suppose you want to transfer your business trip photos to your SD card in order to share it with your colleague. During the transfer process, you mistakenly removed the memory card abruptly. This causes loss of your pictures from your SD card

You have saved some of your important files in your SD card. In order to transfer more files, you thought of deleting some of your unwanted files from your SD memory card. During the course of time, you accidentally selected all the files and deleted them permanently

Many times, your SD card is used in multiple devices for transferring files and folders. It may happen that some of the system might be infected which in-turn causes loss or deletion of memory card. SD cards are handy and provide better storage capacity they come across such data loss or data deletion scenarios. Even after such circumstances, that data can be easily recovered from your SD card