Software to Restore Data from Mac

Though Macintosh is known for its reliability, most Mac users experience data loss situation due to various factors. Sometimes, you may come across situation where your Mac system isn’t booting up correctly or you are getting some error messages while accessing the drive and lot more. Such unexpected behavior might prevent you from accessing the data stored in your Macintosh system.

This abnormal behavior of Mac system occurs due to various numbers of factors such as operating system crash, malfunctioning of the system, MBR corruption, File system corruption and many more. Whatever be the reason, you can easily restore data from Mac system with the help of backup copy.

If you are the one without backup copy then you might be wondering how to recover data from Mac device, right? Don’t worry; you can restore data from Mac OS X by using some third party Mac recovery software.

Why Mac Recovery Software is required?

Whenever you come across any data loss situation, it doesn’t mean that data is lost forever. Instead files are still present in the drive which becomes inaccessible to you. This file will remain in memory space till you save some new data in the drive. Hence, it is suggested avoiding using your Mac system after realizing data loss situation.

(In case, you save any new data in the drive, then chances of data recovery process will be decreased.)

In order to recover such data from Mac system, you need to use Mac recovery software like Remo Recover. This tool is capable of recovering files from Macintosh without damaging actual file as it works on read only mode.

Remo Mac Recovery Software

Mac Recovery software by Remo is the most efficient software which recovers data from deleted / corrupted / formatted or inaccessible Mac volume or drive. It can recover Mac data that is deleted or missing from the drive with great ease. This software identifies all types of files on the basis of its file format and then restores it securely.

It supports recovery of 300 types of files like photos, movies, songs, ZIP archive, RAR folder and many more. File system supported by this software are HFS, HFS+ and HFSX. Moreover, you can also use this utility to restore data from volumes that do not mount or fail to mount.

Supported Mac Versions: El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard

Some Feature of Remo Mac Recovery Software

  • Recovered data can be sorted according to file name, size and type
  • Desired files can be found using Find Tool option by adding or editing file types which are not listed
  • Can use Save Recovery Session to pause recovery process so as to avoid re-scanning of the drives
  • Prior to saving process, recovered files can be viewed in Mac finder styled interface using Preview option
  • Also supports recovery of data from external storage drive that is recognized by Mac system

Some scenarios supported by the Software

Partitioning Error:  If there is any sort of interruption during partitioning process then this may lead to data loss in Mac drives. In some case, you may also get error messages while trying to access the drive.

Dual Operating System: You may install dual operating system in same computer / Laptop. Thus, during this process, there are chances that volumes present on the drive may get disappeared for some reasons causing data loss situation.

Human Error: Sometimes, you might accidentally delete some vital files or format important drive due to some reasons, which may lead to data loss situation.

Safety Precautions to avoid above data loss in future:

  • Enable Time Machine option to keep backup copy of files automatically
  • Before formatting drive check whether right drive is selected or not
  • Carry our complex system operation with proper procedure

Why Remo Mac Recovery should be used?

Remo Mac Recovery utility has user friendly and self explanatory interface so that you can execute the process with ease. You can easily install this software in your Mac system in just 3 – 4 mouse clicks. You can use free demo version to evaluate recovery results prior to using of licensed version.