More about Reset This PC on Windows 10 and Windows 8 Computers

You have an option Reset this PC included in the Windows systems in order to restore the computer to its default configuration. Indeed, this approach is been considered as quick yet convenient instead of reinstalling the OS from the scratch or installation media.

In Windows 8 systems, you actually got two different options, namely- Refresh your PC and Reset your PC. The refresh option keeps the files and personalized settings, however, the reset option will remove all the files.

Nevertheless, in Windows 10 systems you have only one option i.e., Reset your PC. Here you will have to make a choice whether you want to keep your personal folders or not. Despite that you opt to keep your personal files/folders, all the programs and settings will be wiped. In addition to this, resetting the Windows computer will help you to recover from problems caused due to unreliable third-party programs, system corruptions, malware threats and other issues.


This is how the reset operation on Windows work – Initially the Wind0ws PC boots in a Windows Recovery Environment (RE) – The Windows RE then formats and erases the system partition prior installing a fresh copy of Windows – The computer then starts with installing a fresh copy of Windows.

Ways to reset

Within Windows

GO to the Settings app and navigate through Update and Security -> Recovery. Under Reset this PC option, press on Getting it started option. You can then choose to keep your files or remove them.

From the Windows Boot menu

If it is the case that you are not able to boot the PC normally then you can reset the computer from the boot menu. You can simply click over Troubleshoot -> Reset this PC

Get Windows without a bloatware

You can get a fresh copy of Windows 10 system in a simple way without any bloatware. Go to the Settings app -> Update and Security -> Recovery screen. The Give your PC a fresh start option simply downloads the fresh copy of OS from the Microsoft.


Developers take Benefit of Discount on Pixel C tablet

Here is the good news for developers, that they will get 25 percent a discount on Google’s Pixel C. Since Pixel C is considered to be the company’s Surface like Android tablet.  In order to get this discount offer, all you need to do is head over Google developer site, fill in your email and after that Google will send you a special code to get the discount. There is no need of submitting any development experience. Pixel C

After completing this process, you just have to pay $ 450 for the 64 GB Pixel C instead of $600.  It has been noted that 32GB flavor’s price drops from $499 to around $375. The discount provided by Google is not applicable keyboard accessory.  But if you get the 64 GB tablet and other keyboard then you are getting the keyboard for free compared to normal price.

Besides, there are some limits to this promotion. There is a provision of buying only one tablet per person and supplies are limited. The company further mentioned that it may take few days before you get your code and sometimes it may arrive within two hours. After certain period of time the company might tighten up the requirements for taking the benefits of the discount.

Pixel-C-Keyboard (1)

Summarizing:  Google’s discount gave developers the wonderful opportunity to try out the Android N developer preview.  Apart from this, the discounted Pixel appears just to be the stock version of the tablet and doesn’t come pre-loaded on it. So if in case, you are not comfortable loading a fresh build of Android on your tablet then you can make use of Pixel pre-loaded with a potentially buggy developer preview of Android N version.

Tips for Getting More Out from Fitbit

For fitness lovers, Fitbit trackers are the first choice as they are available in the different models, different price ranges, various options, etc. Recently, it’s been found that Fitbit was one of the most downloaded apps from the Apple Store. Lots of people got their first Fitbit fitness tracker or revived their Fitbit love. The application makes genuinely simple to set up new device; however there are people who know less about the app’s features and settings to customize to experience its best. If you have Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Surge or an older device, so be ensured that you are taking advantages of the options mentioned here.

Walking & Running! Measure Stride Length

When you first make use of Fitbit device and app, you may think whether to wear the device on your dominant or non-dominant hand to increase its accuracy. To make the data more accurate you must add your stride length for walking and running. To add your stride lengths:

Log into Fitbit’s website and then go to Settings -> Personal Info and then under Body option you will find options for Stride Length and Running Stride Length.

Reorder The Information

If you don’t want to see some information when you light up Fitbit device display, then you can hide them by just reordering your Fitbit display.

Flag Motherhood Status in Fitbit

When you started using Fitbit, you were not pregnant but now you’re. So switch your status to pregnant in Fitbit. Women who are pregnant or nursing wants to burn more calories and need more calories. Go to Settings and look for those options under Body Info. There are two options, second versus third trimester, too.

Improve Health by Tracking What You Eat

Fitbit is great device for tracking and improving health habits as they aware you about your activity you do in an average day. Walking or running is not enough, you need to track how much calories you eat and is equally important to known whether you burn them or not. You can log into the app website to jot down what you eat or drink.

Get Connected With Friends

Connecting with friends is a huge part of using your Fitbit. Whether you are getting support from them or competition with them, you can choose which activity to show them by simply going to Settings, and then select Privacy to make changes. If you were unaware of privacy setting in Fitbit then, you even might not know that other Fitbit users may be able to see your age, location and weight.

For more information on Fitbit devices, see about its pricing, advantages and disadvantages, how to get started with Fitbit, about fitness apps and other fitness activity trackers.

Capture Your Own 360-Degree Video With Vuze Camera

vuze-cameraVirtual reality is a hot topic attracting many attentions in the market. Today, there are several ways to get virtual reality content and one that comes to mind is Cardboard and Samsung Galaxy VR. There are not many devices available to the user to experience VR videos.

At CES, Human Eyes Technologies showcased a device called Vuze which is the world’s first affordable consumer 360-degree 3D VR camera. It is an easy to use point and shoot camera which takes spherical images around you and it contains proprietary software designed for processing the content so that you can then view it with VR headsets. The company also announced that it will be made available for users in August 2016 and its cost will be $1000.

Highlights of Vuze Camera

Vuze camera can shoot 3D videos, 4K video or video that covers 360 degree. This will be a great benefit for professional photographers and movie makers. The third dimensional capture is vital in virtual reality videos because it adds the natural sense of depth to how things are visible to our eyes.

This device make use of 8 full high definition camera with ultra wide angle lenses to capture 3D 360 as well as 2D videos. It is able to shoot 120 degree horizontal or 180 degree vertical nearly to full sphere. In 4K videos, it takes 30 frames per second and at a variable bit rate of 120Mbps.

User can easily edit images using Vuze Studio desktop program for Mac or Windows computers. The company also stated that the contents from Vuze camera work well with any VR headset or other VR devices. Customer will also get headset made by Homido. It is highly portable and lightweight camera with stylish design available in variety of vibrant colors.

Moreover, the camera can be controlled through an application from iOS and Android. Its battery and removable SD cards can hold the contents recorded for one hour of video.

Vuze is the first hardware product manufactured by Human Eyes. The company is not that popular but since 2000 it found photographic 3D, animated content creation, printing, display and processing in lenticular graphic arts. For show sample of 360 degree video, Human Eyes posted on YouTube. Overall the image quality was descent smooth but, its colors look a bit off.

In CES 2016 meet, virtual reality was the hot topic for discussion as it is a growing technology and hardware device like Vuze is still early-adopter territory. No one can predict whether the camera will gain maximum profit from the customers at initial stage or not. But, still we can expect something more from these types of camera in case VR continues to grow in future.

How to use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro


At the recent launch of iPad Pro, all eyes were looking for Apple’s Pencil and how you are going to use it. Apple Pencil is not available in stores right now and according to the sources, it will be available somewhere around Christmas.

The highly responsive design and features of Apple Pencil is been in talks and it easily separate it from other tools. You will definitely see the comparison between Surface Pen and Apple Pencil. Surface Pen is widely used with Microsoft’s Surface Pro to compete with this, Apple has launched iPad Pro.

Once you have Apple Pencil in your hands, it feels like you are already familiar with the device and wants to start using it ASAP. Right now, you are one step away from using it. You have to pair the device with your iPad Pro to start making new designs and write notes.

Now a question will come to your mind, how you can pair the two devices? You have to connect it via Bluetooth as Apple Pencil doesn’t have any wire or buttons to initiate the pairing mode.

Just slip off the cap of your Apple Pencil to reveal its Lighting connector and insert it into the bottom of iPad Pro to start the pairing process. You can do the same to charge your Apple Pencil quickly, charging of 15 seconds will give you 30 minutes use and a fully charged Apple Pencil have a battery life of 12 hours and you can even charge it when your iPad Pro is kept inside its case.

When the Lighting connector is plugged in, you will see a pop up on your iPad Pro’s screen indicating that Apple Pencil is trying to pair with it. Just tap on Pair and all is set, now you can use your Apple Pencil on iPad Pro and unleash your hidden artist by creating designs. Apple Pencil is a single device which includes variety of tools to look for, whether it be a normal sketch, painting a portrait or writing notes, all can be done easily and quickly.