How to Restore Data from HP Pen Drive

Imagine you have reached the last date for completing some of your office task and busy concentrating on it. At the same time, even you require some of the data available in your HP pen drive. For which you will connect your HP hard drive, take wanted data and remove it without using any Safe Removal option. After which you will complete the work and submit. Everything will be working fine, again when you’re trying to access HP pen drive it is not responding to any read/write option. You will be shocked and will recheck again. After continuous browsing and your hard work, you will realize that due to virus attack. The system used by you for transferring data was infected and also it got transmitted to HP pen drive even. As a result you are not able to access your Pen drive. What will be your next action? How will you get back data from your HP drive?

To know more, spend some of your time and try it out!!! You can restore deleted or lost data HP pen drive in few simple mouse clicks. As we all know carrying important data manually is not secure and PC cannot be carried all the way. In order to overcome such instances, portable external hard drive came into existence. Due to their vast features they become popular among other devices. Also we have various brands of pen drive available in market, HP is one among them.

Apart from its advantages, HP pen drive is also prone to data loss or deletion due to many unavoidable circumstances. Some of them are listed below:

  • At times, while removing unwanted files from HP pen drive, you might accidentally select some of the important ones and perform deletion
  • Abruptly removing and inserting HP pen drive to your system without using any Safe Removal Hardware option will result in data loss
  • Unexpected error messages while using HP pen drive on your system might block the access. As a result you cannot perform any read/write option which causes data loss
  • Using HP pen drive on multiple devices for storing and retrieving data might damage the file system of the drive and turns it inaccessible
  • Unreliable third party applications, software clashes, hardware conflicts, malware infection and so on are other reasons for loss or deletion of data from HP pen drive

It so obvious to conclude that data lost or deleted from HP pen drive cannot be recovered back when you encounter such situations, However, when Remo Recover application is available do not muck like how can I recover data from HP pen drive. This is because with this tool it takes few simple steps for restoring data from HP pen drive.

HP pen drive data recovery software!!!

  • Easily restores permanently deleted, lost data from HP pen drive
  • Scans entire HP drive in few minutes for quick data retrieval
  • Provides an option called Preview to view all the recovered files prior storing into specific destination
  • Compatible on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system
  • Technical team will be available round the clock for resolving any kind of issues
  • Free demo version of the software can be downloaded to check its efficiency

How to Restore Data from Pen Drive

Pen drive which is also known as USB flash storage devices are used for storage, data backup and transfer of files in an efficient manner. It is smaller, more reliable and faster than CDs and Floppy Disks. It is unharmed by both Magnetic interference and scratches which is present in the storage media. It supports Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX like Operating System. There are different brands of Pen drive in the market such as Transcend, iball, SanDisk, HP, Kingston etc. It can be portable and easy to boot OS from the pen drive. Mini card or Micro SD card can be used in Smartphones and Tablets. You can lock the USB flash storage device using passwords, after locking you plug into the system it prevents you from reading and writing data from the flash storage device.

At times, while accessing these devices there are chances of losing or deleting data from pen drive. Let us discuss some of the reasons for data loss or deletion from pen drive:

  • Virus Attack – Due to virus attack the data which is present in your system gets deleted and makes it difficult to get back deleted data from pen drive
  • Unintentional Deletion – Sometimes, you might unfortunately delete the essential files instead of unwanted files from your pen drive
  • Formatting Pen drive – The main mistake which is usually performed by us are without keeping backup, using format option which leads to deletion of the entire data from pen drive
  • Emptying Recycle Bin – The data you have deleted from your system bypasses from Recycle Bin if it is large in size and makes it difficult to recover the deleted data
  • Formatting – Accidentally formatting the drive comprising pen drive instead of other unwanted drive will lead to data loss

Apart from above discussed reasons, you might come across many other situations like improper transfer process, hardware clashes, software conflicts, file system corruption, unexpected error messages and so on are also responsible for data loss or deletion from your  pen drive. However, with recovery tool like Remo Recover will easily explains how to recover files from pen drive in few simple steps.

Following are some of the features of Remo recover

  • Remo Recover is capable of identifying and recovering invisible files like deleted permanently from external devices like pen drive, USB flash drive and so on
  • It supports to retrieve deleted files from all brands like Transcend, Kingston, i-ball, SanDisk etc
  • It completely scans your Pen drive and restores all deleted files from Pen drive in less amount of time
  • Software also supports different operating system like Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and 2008 servers to recover deleted files from Pen drive
  • Restored data can be sorted based on file size, file name and file type
  • Identify and retrieve deleted files like photos, audios, videos etc from Pen drive
  • A non professional user can also download and install this software to regain deleted files from Pen drive
  • 24*7 technical team will be available to resolve any of your issues regarding installation or recovery process
  • Free demo version of the software can be downloaded to check its efficiency on your system before purchasing the software


  • Always maintain backup of important data from your pen drive to any other device
  • Install updated antivirus software on your system to scan the pen drive in regular interval of time
  • Avoid connecting pen drive to multiple devices without scanning
  • Immediately stop using your pen drive after data deletion or loss